The Dogs - Kumlokk
The Dogs - Kumlokk

The Dogs - Kumlokk

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Are we talking about the world's heaviest merchandise?
Yes, think so - 50 kg and exclusive like that!

Pickup: Pick up in Oslo city center between 10am and 4pm or
Delivery: Delivered on a pallet by Bring to the door between 8am and 4pm on weekdays.

Merchberry AS
Østre Aker vei 60A, 0581 Oslo - Norway

Send an email to to arrange a pick-up time.

The lid is a standard lid for a Ø650 mm sump and will fit most frames in Norway and Sweden. The net diameter of the lid is Ø644 mm. D400 means that the lid is approved for traffic areas, i.e. that it can lie in the roadway.

It is without gasket and lock.